Competition Details

There will be a lot of opportunity to engage with the public, talk about cooking outdoors, displaying your cookers and equipment, and sharing our passion for BBQ and competition.


There will be no Sampling at this event. There will be some scheduled demo’s that will have sampling, but those will be on a case by case basis.

Cook Sites

Standard 20x20 cook sites: Larger Trailers will be considered, but limited. Teams that do not require a full 20x20 space will be strategically placed with other teams.

It is a requirement that cookers, smokers, grills, Dutch ovens etc. be set up in front of the trailer/tent(s). We will provide fencing to act as a barrier between you and the public. (You may place signage on the fence also).


Teams may sign up for the full 5 days (and must so to be eligible for the overall Championship). 

Teams that wish to cook just a single competition, e.g. SCA or IDOS may do so by partnering up with a registered team to share a footprint, or we can pair with existing teams out of a singular space.

Up to 4 show passes per team.

Load in / Load out

Load in times and location will be announced as the schedule is confirmed.
Load in will close 1 hour prior to opening to public. No vehicle movements while open to the public.

“Overall Event Grand Champion”

There will be an “Over All Event Grand Champion” of this 5 day event.
Each day, Event winners will collect points for their placing. The lowest score will be determined the “Over All Event Grand Champion”. In the case of a tie, the highest placing Whole Animal team/cook will be the tiebreaker.
To qualify for the Over all Event Grand Champion, you will be required to compete in all 5 days events. 

 Wild Game Wednesday

$100 Entry Fee

$1000 Prize Purse

Two Categories on Wednesday:
Game Bird

‘Celebrity Judge Panel’ judging will be SCA auxiliary category scoring system.
Note: Turn in may be turned in on an open Platter or a Turn in Box. Garnish optional, But recommended as there will be an appearance component to the overall score. 

Whole Animal Thursday

$100 Entry Fee

$1000 Prize Purse

Cook and Present ANY Whole Animal! 
Must be whole, not parted out in any way. Head on is optional.
‘Celebrity Judge Panel’ judging will be SCA auxiliary category scoring system. and Presented MBN style at your cooksite.

SCA Steak Cookoff Friday

$100 Entry Fee

$1000 Prize Purse

Standard SCA steak Cookoff rules apply.
The winner of this event will qualify for the SCA World Championships.
Two Ancillary Categories: 

Dutch Oven (IDOS) Saturday

$100 Entry fee if not registered for BBQ event.

$1000 Prize Purse 

Standard IDOS Dutch Oven Competition

Entries must be turned in on or in the Dutch Oven or lid.
Anything cooked inside the Dutch Oven must be turned in. Cooks are not allowed to remove burnt bits from the oven.

This event will be a qualifier for the IDOS World Championship Cook-Off. 

We will be having a Potluck Dinner at the conclusion of the days event for cook teams and sponsors using the left over Dutch Oven turn-ins. More details to come.

PNWBA – Two Day BBQ Competition Sunday 

Entry Fee: $200
$5000 Prize Purse – Green Mountain Grills

This will be a standard 4 meat BBQ competition sanction by the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association.
Pork, Brisket,Chicken, Pork Ribs

With the registration of 15 teams, this will be a qualifier for the Jack Daniel’s Invitational and the American Royal Invitational. 





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